I am Simon Fryer, a Perth based creative that does many things.

I'm a Perth based YouTuber focusing on automotive, and everything associated with it.

I get to drive some great cars, meet some fascinating people and visit some stunning locations. The channel is always growing, both in community and ideas, and I'd love to hear how we can work together.

To understand more of what I do, head on over to the YouTube channel and take a look at some of my most recent videos. I work with local brands, events and international brands to bring the best and most relevant content that I can.

I operate under the brand "#joydrive".

Along side my passion I'm a Website Developer, Digital Producer, Speaker and Digital Volunteer. I've been in a digital for over 10 years, spoken at conferences, meetups and seminars. I've volunteered my video editing and av services and offer advice where I can.

Please contact me on any of the above social networks. My LinkedIn is listed below.

Kind regards,


Simon Fryer