About me and this website

Dot ninja? What the hell Simon?

Alright, let me explain myself.

I've come across a few (a lot of) situations where i've seen an opportunity to help, and in this blog i hope to achieve that. I'm no guru, i wouldn't class myself as an expert, but after working for a large digital agency for over 8 years, and being in the digital agency world for near on 9, i like to think i've learnt a thing or two.

Hopefully, in my ramblings you'll find something useful. If i even save 1 person a few minutes of their time, or a few hours of headache, this entire website has fulfilled its purpose.

So who are you?

Me, i'm Simon Fryer. I was born in Germany, raised in England, and now reside in Perth Australia. I'm on a 457 VISA so am not available for freelance or contract work. I would say i call Perth home now, and i hope to be able to get my Australian passport as soon as finances and situation allows it.

Why should i listen to you?

You probably shouldn't, but i guess if you wanted some justification, you can check out the following information.


I'd like to thank Bryan Braun who built an awesome theme that i'm using with a few tweaks, because i'll happily admit, i'm shit at design!

Available to download here; https://www.drupal.org/project/writer 

I would like to have a chat with you

Find me on IRC, Freenode, in #drupal, #drupal-support and other channels under the nickname 'AridBullet'.

I'm also on Twitter, and YouTube. Links for which are below.

Alternatively, you can email me at hello [ at ] simonfryer [ dot ] ninja.