Make S#&T happen!

I've recently tried to live by by this;

If shit ain't working, do shit differently.

I'm sure someone much more famous has said it a much better way (please tweet me!), but essentially what i mean by that, is that if you are doing something, whether that be a job, whether that be a process to do something, or a way of life, and it keeps not working out - bloody change it!

If something you are trying keeps going wrong, try it a different way.

This isn't just for a career, but life in general

I don't understand how people go through life, and when stuff keeps going wrong for them they continue that way of life. If you don't change something, how can anyone expect things to go better?

How i managed it

I've become obsessed with YouTube recently (well, for the past 12-18 months) and how it's changing the way we watch media, and how we create media. People like Casey Neistat, Roman Atwood and Sara Dietschy are prime examples of how you can make shit happen when you just get shit done. 

Their stories and journey through life is what inspired me to start this website, start my YouTube, and be interested in Twitter again. My audience is vastly different to theirs so it isn't about replicating, it's about taking their ethos, their energy, and creating your own change.

I decided to start a YouTube because, well, why the hell not? I have stories to tell, i have some cool ideas, and i have the means. I'm using a GoPro which isn't ideal, but it get's content out there. I know it's cliched, but all these people that say "just do it", well, they just ain't wrong!

I got some footage together, edited it together and released it. I had some things i wanted to talk about, so i wrote about them and twitter is a great place to share those. I've got barely 40 subscribers but it's a step! It's a step towards a life outside of usual work life. Have you got an idea worth pursuing? Why haven't you yet? Making excuses? Stop. Let your ideas go wild, enjoy them, let others enjoy them!

Change, but don't give up

While not everything you fail at you should change completely, sometimes it just needs tweaking.

Take Roman Atwood for example. Quick backstory, he's a huge YouTuber who has just released a prank movie, as in, a legit movie funded by Lionsgate. He started on YouTube doing Skit shows almost 6-7 years ago. It didn't work at first, but he knew there was something in the YouTube game so changed to pranking people. He didn't give up, but he did tweak his formula because it wasn't working at first, and now has many million subscribers and a very good life courtesy of YouTube (either directly, or indirectly).

Same for Sara, Sara was making YouTube videos for a while, and they was bloody fantastic, but Sara had around 4,000 subscribers. Sara has openly stated that she started wondering why she spend so much of her life creating these videos for such a small amount of people to be interested. Her market was niche, but her videos were of extreme quality and the saturation of the Youtube market as it is right now means she was finding hard to find her voice. That all changed when she made a video about Casey that ultimately Casey himself picked up and shared to all 2.4 million of his subscribers. That video, and the quality of the content she puts out meant 100,000 people subscribed to continue watching the content she puts out. That's why she spends so much of her life creating, for moments like those. It takes just one to change everything.

Find your moment!

Adapt. Tweak. Change. Never give up!