Perfection shouldn't stop progression

I was speaking to a friend about an idea they had. It was a sound idea but they was putting artificial road blocks in the way of something possibly fantastic.

Perfection, while a great thing to strive for should not be a blocker to releasing something that could potentially be life changing.

MVP (Minimum Viable Product); dip your toe in the water

A term feared amongst many within the industry because they see it as releasing a shit product, which is a very narrow minded way of looking at it.

It should instead be seen as testing the waters. Does your idea hold any value within the market, without spending 100% effort to get 10% reward. Spend 50% effort, get 10% reward, then your last 50% effort can be entirely focused on your lessons from the first release.

Get something out there, see if people like it, see where you can tweak it, and hell, maybe find out it's a stupid idea and you haven't wasted more time in getting it perfect, to find out there's no need.

Get something out there!

Your audience needs content to be an audience

Get it right for the audience, but with no content to digest, there is no audience to get it right for. If you're audience has nothing to buy, nothing to read, then you simply have no audience.

If you keep delaying your idea, your product, your business, who's to say that there will still be an audience to speak too?

Give me an example!

I film my YouTube channel content on a GoPro. I film things on a GoPro that it wasn't designed to film. Why? Because i wanted to get stuff out there and that's all i had!

I wanted to get stuff filmed, wanted to edit, and wanted to see if anyone cared about what i had to say!

Same with this website. I released a really crap first iteration. It was basic, had no footer, no meta tags even. I just created a base for publishing my content. Over time i've learnt what i can improve and what i need to add.

How does this relate to me?

Chances are, you have an idea right now. This second, there may be one, or many ideas floating around in your head which have all stalled because "i need this", or "but i need to do this first". 

No, you don't need anything.

What you need is to stop putting barriers in your way and get stuff done, get stuff out there.

Right now, think of your idea. Think of why you are holding it up, and then really think about why you are holding it up.

Stop what you're doing (just start reading again once you have ;) ), write down the idea in a Google Doc, a piece of paper, your phone.

What's the quickest way to get something out there? Starting a blog? Maybe try medium?

Maybe you are starting a business? Do you have a Facebook page? Will a twitter help? Have you looked at competitors?

Anything you do is a step forward.

Sometimes creativity can slow, but it never stops

There are rare cases where there is just nothing you can do to get your idea of the ground.

For example, one of the ideas i have i can't legally progress because i'm legally not able to because of my VISA conditions. This hasn't stopped my writing down as much of my idea as i can, drawing up business plans, mission statements and started working on business processes in my own time, in my own space.

I'm legally not allowed to create a company and start a business, but no law on planet earth can stop creativity. It hasn't stopped me writing things down, getting excited about how i can make people's lives better and make sure that idea doesn't solely exist in my head.

What do i do now?

Right now, finish reading this, share it on twitter (got to try self promotion some time right), open a google doc, grab a piece of paper and dump your idea.

Circle/highlight things that need something.

Scenario: I want to start a YouTube channel with tutorials on how to work on boats.

Problem: I need to film footage.
Solution: Find anything you can, at least 720p. GoPro? Point and shoot? Borrow a friends camera for first few videos?

Problem: I don't know what to say
Solution: Say as much as you want, you can edit anything shit! 

Problem: I can't edit, and don't have any software
Solution: Windows Movie Maker is free. Honestly, just use it, get a video out, get an audience, then upgrade. If you want higher quality, Adobe Cloud is cheap for Premiere, everything considered.

Beyond that, you literally don't need anything. Sign up to YouTube, away you go.

You don't need channel art, annotations, good descriptions - that can all come as you go. Get a video out there, get two, then maybe your brand and blurb will come to you once you've got an idea for your style, your flare.

Go forth and be awesome, report back and let me know what you've done in your life to stop holding yourself back.

Peace out!