Using shell scripts to jump start your Drupal project with help of makefiles

Throughout my time developing Drupal, one of the biggest bug bares with clients was always how Drupal was to use. Cast your mind back to Drupal 6, and you can very much see where this started. I firmly believe we've come a long, long way from that and i created an install profile which includes a make file that installs some fantastic modules, themes and settings that make using Drupal that much better.

Because i'm lazy (what was it Bill Gates said about lazy people?) i created a bash script that helps me along the way.

Please, tell me more

First port of call, is a GIT repository which houses a lovingly created README file.

This pretty much explains what you need to know, but a quick run down.

Too Long; Didn't Read, summarise for me please

  1. Clone the repo above
    1. Alternatively, run it directly using $ bash <(curl -s
  2. Run the shell command with the option of `-d ../location/of/www`
  3. Watch shit happen, and end up with a Drupal 7 install
    1. I'll talk more about the modules it installed separately, but they are awesome!


Things you need for this to work;

  1. Bone idle laziness
  2. Working MySQL install
  3. To read the goddamn README as that already has this list

Create an issue if you find anything or have any questions relating to this tiny piece of helpfulness.

It's not perfect by any means, but it's a stepping stone.