presenting, #joydrive

#joydrive is a series where i show you awesome cars, while showing you around the beautiful views and drives that Perth has to offer. Cars that make you enjoy life and appreciate the surroundings you live in, let's bring the joy back to driving!

early days, yes, i film on just a GoPro!

To get this cleared up. I film on exclusively on a GoPro. I have ways to make it look better and mounts and equipment to help get good footage. Whip out the GoPro, turn it on, film what's in front of me, or behind me. I have extra batteries which is where a GoPro will always let you down.

what kind of cars are you looking for?

I'm looking for something different, something fun. Anything from a '92 Honda Civic, to a jacked up Land Cruiser, to a Honda NSX to a Gallardo.

Doesn't have to be fast, slow or expensive, anything goes as long as it's different, or something people haven't seen before. Special edition new cars are also included in this.

i have a car for you, what do i get?

If you want something more then exposure and a fun afternoon/day, then this probably isn't for you.

I'll put go-juice in the car (petrol, diesel, gas, e85, whatever your substance abuse is) and if there's time and i have the car for a longer period, i'll try and wash it too.

i would love my car on your channel, how do i make that happen?

Message me. I'm on Twitter which is easiest, send me a message on YouTube, or email me at joydrive @

what does a normal video shoot entail?

Location will be decided depending on car. We will get interior shots, some rolling shots if a helper is available, interior review, exterior shots and just general reviews of the car. If a project car we'll talk about the car somewhere and just generally drive around enjoying Perth and the car.

don't be offended if i say thanks, but no thanks

Not every car is suited to being on YouTube, please don't be offended if i say thanks for your time, but no thanks.

where can i find it?

On my YouTube channel;

The goal

I want to get this down in black and white so i have something to look back upon.

I wrote this in early May 2016.

I would love for #joydrive to feature Perth from a different angle. With cars and people that make it the amazing place it is. Perth has a growing and matured automotive culture which i hope to bring to the world. Eventually, i would love to be seen as the go-to guy for featuring cars, personalities and locations in and around Perth from the car community, doing car reviews and just having fun with other peoples pride and joys.

Ultimately, i'd love for Honda to allow me to live with the new NSX for a weekend when it is released here next year. If an organisation like Honda can trust me with a new NSX, then i can happily say i've achieved everything i wanted from this series.

With that in mind, please enjoy the videos, feedback is always welcome!