presenting, ONTHEFLOOR

A YouTube video series taking you into inspiring office spaces around Perth.

Taking you onto the floor of spaces around Perth where creativity and excellence are the backbone of society. Digital agencies are a cornerstone of the internet, but the spaces in which they create they craft are some of the most inspiring out there and rarely seen beyond those lucky few that get to work with them. In this series i take you into the lesser known offices, have a chat with those that use it, created it, and inspire you to make a better environment for your team.

What do you (the agency) get out of this?

Exposure for your business in general is going to be foremost. If you’re space is a fantastic place to work, potential recruits can see that and maybe be more persuaded to apply with you, then maybe apply elsewhere for a similar role and they need a helping hand to decide.

It basically also gives you an opportunity to show of what your organisation has spent so long and hard to put together, a bustling office space.

Elephant in the room, conflict of interest?

Yes, i also work for a digital agency but that has absolutely no bearing on motive or desire. I’m a developer, but i ultimately care about my craft. I care about educating people and helping them further understand what it is we do and where we do it. I care about cool office spaces, collaborative environments and places where a team is excited to work.

If this is a problem, i’ll happily sign a NDA and throughout the editing process come in to review footage with you and ensure any additional data is deleted beyond the footage that is signed of for use. If any of the footage is an issue, it can be docked or after discussion, deleted entirely.

The filming process

Straight off the bat, i don’t have a ten man crew. I’m myself, with just a GoPro, and some fantastic ideas and creative insight. With that in mind, here is what you can expect.


Realistically, the time i spend in your space is dependant on your calendar, sensitive data or meetings and what your space has to offer. A smaller space with just 1-5 people can take just an hour. 6-20 people and it could be anywhere from an hour to all day depending on the space. Ideally, we’d work to keep disruption to a minimum and either limit time, spread over many days or allocate a specific time slot (morning, middle of day, afternoon).

Who do i need to speak too?

I would like to speak to these people for about 10-20 minutes at a time (maybe less, usually not more), 1 on 1.

The same person can talk about multiple topics, it doesn’t have to be multiple people.

  1. CEO/Founder

  2. Someone who cares about the office and it’s environment the most.

    1. Usually creative directors, office managers, people with a vested interested in why the space the way it is.

  3. Someone who knows what the organisation does best, and why they are doing it

  4. Someone who is the ‘the office’. This is usually someone who the majority of people will say, “that guy/girl is the life of the office”

    1. Someone happy and enthusiastic about their day

  5. Someone less enthusiastic about their workplace to give a perspective of change (we all know one!).

    1. Call this the “realist”

What i would like to film

  1. Walk around

  2. Guided tour (this is x, this is y, this is z) - either point me to good places, or a chaperone

  3. In depth look at key features, for example;

    1. Games room

    2. Breakout rooms

    3. Meeting spaces

    4. Key working spaces (someone’s desk)

    5. Entrance and waiting area

    6. Any more key features of the space

  4. People working (internal catch-up meeting)

  5. Anything else good about your space - you know the space better than i do, help me communicate it

Examples of work

My main YouTube channel is SimonFryerdotNinja. It will be filmed in a similar style to this video i did on a car i reviewed.

Thanks you for your time

All time is precious, and i thank you for your time reading this, let alone considering.

If any of this is of interest, let’s talk.

Simon Fryer |